Despite a dedicated page, despite repeated warnings that I only accept few sponsored posts, you still have sons of bitches, usually Indians who will spam you with requests for sponsored articles. These are called farmers. That is to say that these sons of putrefied cows have no customers, have no money. They’re shitty marketers. They will spam all the sites to try to get the cheapest deals possible and then spam customers with shitty links.

They are parasites who know how to code with their pock-poxed macaque feet, a stupid head and a low-level prostitute mentality. The problem is that they are illiterate dubbed crooks when they are not stalkers/rapists in their spare time. While I posted my prices, they are non-negotiable, they continue to annoy. Do not forget that there are 1 billion like that, we should exterminate them all like harmful bugs!

La Rédaction Changer le statut à "publié" 1 février 2022