Hall of Shame – Spammers and Crooks !

Below I’ve decided to publish the names and mails of all the fuckin’ spammers and scammers who piss me off all day. Either it’s guys constantly spamming me, or it’s guys who don’t pay when they order a ads or sponsored post or whatever, or it’s both. And if you’re included in the list below, well, good for you and if you want your name removed, then pay me and maybe I’ll think about it!

  • Sara Godfrey, sara.godfrey0@gmail.com – A crook who order me a sponsored post, but never pay me. Be aware of this mail and this kind of fake name.
  • EditorialPR.com, editorial@editorialpr.email – Maybe the worst spammer that I’ve ever seen. This son of bitch, bag of feces are sending litteraly dozens of mails everyday, even what we tell them to fuck their whore mother. It’s also amazing that Google don’t block them definitely with such mess and spam.
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