When you are a freelancer in a poor country

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    1. Paypal is not available in your country while 90% of customers in the West use Paypal
    2. You want to monetize your Youtube channel, but monetization is not available in your country
    3. Your identity documents are not accepted by any platform
    4. A wire transfer can steal you up to 30 dollars in commission on your 100 dollars that you receive
    5. When you say you come from a poor country, racism and contempt usually show on the faces of your customers
    6. When you give your price to a customer, he retorts: “But damn, in your shitty country, you live on 10 dollars a month and you dare ask me 10 dollars for an article, you’re slaver!
    7. Out of 10 jobs you do, you won’t be paid for 6 of them, because the client knows you can’t do anything against him.
    8. For 1 contract job, the client asks you to make 100 changes and he freaks out when you charge him for these changes.
    9. After 10 years of Freelancing, the Freelancer in a poor country is poorer than when he started while his clients have become rich like pigs.

    Houssen Moshinaly

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