The stupidity of “Land Acknowledgment”

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  • When you hear about Land Acknowledgment, then you understand that Americans are really degenerate and they take other people even more for idiots.

    As I was passing through an SEO site to learn how to make $ 1000 in an hour, I was hallucinated when I saw an article that said that the site now has a Land Acknowledgment Statement. So I’ll make it short for you. This is a declaration by the American settlers that they respect the land of the Redskins (mouarf) and that they thank them for the water and the land (bursts of uncontrollable laughter as I write these lines).

    For a bit, they will tell us that they are going to erect a tipi and smoke the peace pipe with “Ughs” to respect the language of the natives. Oh god, the stuff is so stupid and so racist that they don’t even realize their nonsense. Another shitty idea, out of the poisonous heads of leftist Democrats who want to whine everywhere while refusing to recognize the real wrong they are doing.

    The American settlers exterminated about 12 million redskins during their colonization and they think they will be forgiven by a shitty web page. And even today, the genocide is still going on with the will of the Federal, Democratic and Republican governments to make them disappear for good.

    The good old “fire water” and the “peace pipe” are still effective. Among the redskins, there is no law on alcohol or tobacco, they are dying like shit with cancer, diabetes, obesity, cirrhosis. Every year, 1 in 4 redskins suffers from malnutrition. And in the face of the greatest genocide in history, what are the Americans doing? A recognition of the Lands! This is the even more ruthless version of the Bible against the land.

    If you want to do something for the Redskins, give them real independent states, give independence to each of the remaining tribes and avoid exterminating them for a yes or no. To all those mangy dogs posting a dumbass Land Acknowledgment page, well give them your land straight away, give them your house, actually give them your state and then we’ll talk about it.

    But all the leftists jerk off smiling in front of the Land Acknowledgment, because they take no risks with a shitty letter. No duty, no tax, not a dime. Just an appearance of diversity to calm their neurosis of inveterate whiners and delusional progressivists.

    And this is the norm among the Anglo-Saxons, because when you see the plight of the Aborigines in Australia, you think that the English-speaking Protestants have committed more bloodshed than any human civilization. History is history, the past is the past, embrace it as much as possible and move on. If you bow down to everything your ancestors did, you will soon be 6,000 miles underground.

    The next step is undoubtedly to regret that modern humans invented agriculture in the Neolithic Age, since according to greens, leftists and other Western parasites, this is the beginning of climate change!

    Houssen Moshinaly

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    1. Ted says:

      Another “native holocaust” hoax with impossibly high population numbers for a population of stone age hunter gatherers. Not that it would matter, accidentally spreading disease is not genocide.

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