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  • Sponsored articles add margarine to spinach on occasion, but due to stupid Google rules, it has become a whole gaunt and rotten industry.

    Sponsored articles, any blogger who receives a “serious” proposal always has a smile on their face. He will be able to soak his rusks in milk rather than in water, given the increasingly precarious state of bloggers and webmasters thanks to the superb evolutions of the web, of GAFAMs which leave no room and to social networks which cannibalize everything, without offering any return on investment. But let’s move on …

    All bloggers will tell you, only 1 in 20 sponsored article proposals will lead to anything serious and even then you are not immune to a deadbeat. Before Google decapitated the industry, sponsored articles enjoyed legitimate platforms with good blogger and customer traceability. But over the years this Google asshole has decided that advertising his blog is haram while he earns $ 150 billion from advertising… No, don’t try to figure it out, don’t bother. .

    Google doesn’t ban sponsored articles, but it does require such strict rules like putting the words “Ads” and that links be no follow that either no one respects them or we have fewer and fewer customers. Because basically, the sponsored article is used to promote the customer’s link, but according to Google, it’s Haram.

    And when there are legitimate platforms, then Google comes in and decapitates the site. As among Muslim fundamentalists, at the same time, given the number of bearded men who work at Google… But let’s move on.

    However, the whole history of mankind is clear on one thing, when you forbid something then it does not go away by the will of the Holy Spirit. It goes underground with illegal networks being set up. And so, in the sponsored articles, we find ourselves in front of guys and bitches who make us the blow of the guy in a station, by opening his jacket filled with luxury watches to refurbish.

    So we ended up with a totally fragmented sector where everyone does things in their own corner. But above all, it encouraged the arrival of the dumbo-mafia-sillus, the “Farmers”. Farmers are neither more nor less than spammers. These are people who have no clients, let alone sites. They will approach each other to make butter as an intermediary.

    The direct seller who walked for miles in stores to buy or sell shit, we find it in version 2.0, it is a beautiful technological advance. The farmers of sponsored articles are monopolized by the metics alias the Indians. Their email is cut and pasted 154,650 times and we detect them fairly quickly. If at the end of the day they tell you they can pay by Paypal or Payoneer, then he’s a farmer. Don’t answer him, don’t bother, he’s less than nothing like those of his caste.

    Even if you manage to make a deal, there is also payment left. The main obstacle for me is that I can’t use Paypal, it’s just impossible. I wrote it in big red on the dedicated page and I say it to each of my responses to the sponsorship request. And guess what’s going on? Every fucking time, these morons, after the article is published, tells you, “Send your Paypal address for payment.”

    The concern is that we are dealing with morons whose mother must have had Down’s syndrome and the father who is the missing link of hominids. Since they’re spammers, they don’t read replies to email, they just see lightning-fast that they’ve got a touch and they’re trying to give you sponso shit as fast as they can. But the thing is, in the end, the blogger has the final say. If I don’t get paid, the article is deleted, if I’m pissed off, the article is deleted, if the payment lags, the article is deleted.

    In fact, it’s the only lever we have on these bastards. Because when you publish the article, know that the middleman has already been paid by the client and often he has already spent his money on hookers. So if you delete the article, it’s in the shit. Although sometimes he can manage to abandon the client and the blogger, create another email address and start from scratch.

    In sponsored articles, this shit is 90% of the time and the waste of time and effort is terrible because we spend our time fighting spammers, morons who speak neither English, French or any civilized language and try to make them understand with a chisel that NO, WHEN I SAY I DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL, I AM NOT ACCEPTING PAYPAL!

    The prize is also a descent into hell. We used to have great prices around 1000 bucks per post, then it went up to 500 and now we are around 150 to 200 and really pushing. Obviously, these prices are those of small blogs like mine around 500 visits per day. Obviously, you also have to look at the Domain Authority and the Trust Flow, if you don’t know what that is, then look … These miserable prices are also explained by underground. Since there are only middlemen / spammers left, then they are the ones who get the most.

    One day, a Dumbus maximus contacted me. We agree on sponsored articles on mobile apps (a another shit, that stuff). We agree on two posts for 150 $. I do it and come the same shitty time of paying and he forgot to read that I didn’t accept Paypal. He was in deep trouble and finally he disappeared without a trace. A few months later, I got a message from the real customer of these articles, by dint of playing Sherlocks Holmes, he finally found my blog where the two articles were supposed to be posted.

    I, still feeling the scam from last time, respond as curtly as a Jehovah’s Witness in fellowship with Jesus being disturbed by an atheist, shouting in his ear. The client seems to have a good time and we discuss. I learn that the other son of a bitch, the middleman and usually a toilet cleaner in Calcutta, had asked him for $ 750 per post. Since I’m a good prince of idiots, we agree for $ 200 and the articles have been published.

    So he contacted me through Whatsapp and today, with the advent of messaging, the email is clearly too slow and out of date. Especially since the email makes it possible to hide all the scammers in the world. Whereas with messaging you can quickly find out and move on. So if you read amazing articles telling yourself that such blogger is making $ 3000 a month from sponsored posts, it’s just a poor guy or neurotic female dreaming out loud about what he would like to earn and not what that he actually wins.

    Even if you find a good contact in a real agency with real clients, don’t expect miracles in terms of quality. There are three industries that demand links, gambling, porn, and cannabis. Basically ass, money and drugs. When I told you that web 2.0 is about innovation. Obviously, if you’re talking about Hegel and Seneca on your blog, you’re good to fuck to include one of these links.

    It happens that there are correct links, but also it is as rare as a particle of intelligence in the vaccinated. But let’s move on … And this sponsored article industry has a reputation for shit, shit works, shits everywhere because one day Google wanted to behead it to impose its own advertising.


    Houssen Moshinaly

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