The cliché of Americans on the cowardice of the French army

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  • Regularly, when the subject of France or its army is talked about, then you have a large part of the American population who mocks it by evoking the fact that the French are cowards, given their surrender in 1940. Well, for the majority of people, who have a few neurons, you don’t need to correct that stupid cliché, but Americans are not known for their culture, their intellect, their knowledge of history and roughly speaking, they are barbarians who wear Channels dresses.

    France is the country that has experienced the most military victories among all human civilizations. The French people are also the most warlike of all peoples and in fact, in 2000 years of history, the French have never stopped fighting against the English, the Spanish, the Dutch, the Belgians, the Germanics, etc.

    The defeat of 1940 is explained by the incompetence of the French elites of the time. While De Gaule called for the mechanization of the army from 1930 against the German armored vehicles, the French army remained the same as at the beginning of the 20th century. In addition, the First World War massacred 90% of the French who won this war. The Germans have been crushed, but we cannot repeat the same effort 30 years apart. The defeat of 1940 and the government of Pétain were necessary otherwise the genocide against the French by the Germans would be 10 times greater than that of the Jews.

    In occupied France, the French have never stopped fighting. The myth that all French people were collaborators has been propagated by historians who are characterized by their anti-France and their absolute adoration of Americanism which is just pan-Germanism which is ignored. Let us not forget either that the American soldiers raped more French women than the Germans and their abuses are 10 times worse, even if they have never been tried.

    On the other hand, if we look at the cowardice on the part of the Americans, then the result is not famous. The Americans have lost all of the wars they have fought. The only one they won was theirs, the War of Independence and again, it came at the cost of a butchery, a genocide against the Redskins and the acceptance of slavery until last years of the war. The Second World War, it was Russia who won it with more than 27 million dead on its side while the Americans came at the very end, to collect the laurels as usual. The Americans had 300,000 dead in World War II and they’re pissing us off again 50 years later.

    The Americans lost the Vietnam War, the first golf war was won by the coalition, the second golf war was a disaster, the Americans lost the war in Libya, they lost the war in Syria and they lost the War in Afghanistan. In fact, the American hyperpower looks more and more like a huge bureaucratic and financial balloon, when it comes to facing real adversaries. The proof is the rise of Russia and China, which are practically equal while their budget and their forces are much smaller.

    This cliché of Americans on the fact that they are heroes, comes from a propaganda perfectly carried out by the American elites. But the world is no longer American since it is recognized that the future will be Asian. Americans would do better to go back to their fundamentals, which is to say a country of farming. They had their planetary empire for a few years, but the price was bloodshed for all of their people. Today, Americans are nothing more than a bunch of degenerates, ravaged by the disease, the leftism Wok which leads to an accelerated decline of the West.

    Houssen Moshinaly

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