Pandora Papers, when are the Delaware Papers?

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  • Every year, the ICIJ, a puppet organization, supposedly filled with journalists from all over the world, publishes millions of documents denouncing tax evasion. Well already that the ICIJ is funded directly by the Open Society of Soros, we can already laugh at their honesty.

    In fact, the Pandora Papers after the Panama Papers or the Fincens files become so ludicrous since they only serve one thing, “that bad Putin is the devil and angelic America must destroy him.” To prevent this from happening, we also put it with the dreadful Negro kings who plunder public goods to buy castles in France while avoiding saying that it was this same angelic America that put them in place at the base.

    Delaware, that wonderful American state, emptied by its people and rich by its banks facilitating the tax evasion, is never mentioned while the ICIJ is based in Washington. Well, we could throw the sentence Hypocrite! Take the straw out of your eye first, but it won’t help, these “people” are too progressive to read the Bible.

    So this Delaware who asks all billionaires around the world to put their money home and they are right, because angelic America will never go looking for the huge tax evasion beam that sits in the middle of its territory. Year after year, the demonization of the Russian and the enemies of America by the confetti of the Papers becomes so ridiculous that one cannot laugh sadly. In fact, America want to destroy all tax havens on Earth and only its own survives. It is no coincidence that they have turned Switzerland into a veritable sieve.

    We can just salute the Olympian calm of the master of the Kremlin so that he does not send well-felt missiles into the face of those bastards. If one day he has his successor, it is not said that he will be so magnanimous.

    Houssen Moshinaly

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