Is this the end of Audacity?

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  • Audacity has been acquired, yet another open source project that is flying into the pockets of private companies.

    The years are similar and open source projects are corpses startled by convulsions. We learn that a company called Muse Group has bought Audacity, one of the most popular audio editing software in the world. Audacity has been around for over a decade, and it has given many amateur musicians the ability to modify their music or improve the audio quality of creators without spending a dime.

    And we used to blab it like shit, saying that Audacity would not change and that it would remain free. We know very well how it goes, little by little the advertisement will appear and then, we will be asked to pay for this or that function of the software. Because if they weren’t planning to commercially exploit Audacity by penalizing users, they wouldn’t have bought it up front. A career in Open Source is the certainty of rummaging through trash cans for food.

    It has never worked and it does not care for a technological capitalism that is bloated with tens of billions of dollars in speculation. Obviously, there are alternatives to Audacity, but they are rarely Open Source. We could fork it, but the problem persists to find developers to maintain the project.

    Years go by and look the same, but technology becomes completely privatized filthy dung.

    Houssen Moshinaly

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