Cowardice of sportsmen

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  • The Djokovic case shows all the putassery and cowardice of current athletes. In the past, we had sportsmen who had balls, who did not hesitate to protest and even fight to the death whether it was during the games in Berlin or under the Soviet Union. But this is also Djokovic’s fault, he had to know that he was going to be lured into Australia to trick him and make him an example that the unvaccinated is less than nothing.

    Going to Australia today when we refuse the sting is like going to Germany in 1940 to promote Judaism, it just doesn’t work.

    He should never have gone, Djokovic is the best tennis player of all time and his records will not be broken for a long time. He has nothing more to prove and he should have given up his career or put it on temporary hiatus while heads drop and pro-vaxx guts poured out onto the floor. He would have waited another 1 or 2 years and this case wouldn’t even have happened. Because the gurus of this pandemic predict its end in 2022, because their plan has not worked properly.

    Regarding Australia, there is not much to say. This country was systematically built and inhabited by convicts and the worst scrapes mankind has ever known. The Australian government has been fascist for years and this epidemic has only exploded a deep tendency among these stupid people. Concentration camps for the unvaccinated, extreme police brutality for those who refuse the sting.

    Some are calling for a boycott of Australia in its entirety. Already this country of degenerates must have the least importance in the concert of nations and in international trade. Unless you are a fan of koala excrement which they use as medicine there … The truth is Australia has been in recession for years, bankruptcy is on the horizon if it weren’t for the massive help from the Yankees and the English, because they need it as a military base to counter China.

    But the end of the story is that in a few decades Australia is doomed to be a Chinese colony. As a non-vaxx, don’t give them a gift, don’t give them a chance to get you. But those Australian assholes shouldn’t have pissed off the Serbs, they are rough and proud people and they never forget an insult they got. If I were an Aussie in Serbia I would hide in a closet and eat only rat poop because that’s what I deserve!

    Houssen Moshinaly

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