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  • I announce the release of my book entitled, “My copywriter Journey”

    I announce the release of my book entitled, "My copywriter Journey"

    Discover the journey of a copywriter for 11 years in one of the poorest countries in the world. I suggest you discover the other side of the mirror of copywriting and Freelancing. How did I get started in a copywriting agency? How did I get started as a “freelance”? I speak at length about platforms like Upwork. I tell about structural difficulties like online payments, exorbitant commissions and working conditions bordering on slavery.

    Some of it is devoted to blogging, but also the trend of search engines, algorithms and monetization options like online advertising. My background is that of a copywriter from Madagascar and who watched the web which was evolving at full speed and often to the detriment of sites and editors for the sole benefit of GAFAMs.

    I take the side of copywriters, this book is not objective and that is not its purpose. I am simply telling you what I experienced to make you understand that the realities of Freelancing are far from being what you are being sold in articles written by “experts”.

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    Houssen Moshinaly

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