Atheists are neither nationalists nor patriotic

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  • We know the inverse correlation between atheism and nationalism as well as liberalism. Atheists have a disdain for nationalism and patriotism which they find corny. And atheists are also supporters of globalism. Because in the short term, globalism has brought wealth to people who no longer need God to meet their needs and answer their prayers.

    Today, we know the misdeeds of globalism, it has led the planet to disaster and a real economic genocide among the populations. Which means that atheists, who will always hate nationalism and patriotism, will always line up with the ruling class, because they are the winners.

    What is interesting is that atheism, by its nature, alienates you from the nation and the homeland. For even leaving aside the belief in God, the roots of all peoples, civilizations and countries are anchored in Gods and mythology. If you no longer believe in anything, which is the case with atheists, then you have a natural tendency to uproot yourself and promote the global village of upstarts, corrupts and parasites while creating planetary slums of billions of people. .

    With the return of nationalism, sovereignty, roots, atheists lose their ideal world where everyone joined hands, where everything was negotiable, women and men alike, like so much meat on the shelves of deadly globalism. The conclusion is that if someone considers themselves an atheist and you are a nationalist and a patriot, then you should consider them an enemy. At best, he will pretend to embrace national causes, but that will always remain a traitor.

    This also poses a problem for the defense of the homeland. Because even in Western countries where atheism is predominant, only 20 to 25% of the military consider themselves to be atheists. In general, more than 50% are Christians. In fact, believers make up over 50% of soldiers. For example, in England, Muslims make up 5% of the British army while they are only 0.5% of the population. The time of war and conflict is returning with full force and with Western countries which not only are mainly atheists, but which atheism is celebrated as a virtue, so when it will be necessary to launch the call to arms and ask for the tax blood, there will be few called.

    Houssen Moshinaly

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