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  • This is the dumbest sentence in politics …

    Phrase that is sung at the top of the lungs by the far left that any fight is legitimate. Well no, no fight is legitimate until the masses have supported and accompanied it. And since it’s a lump, it’s hard to move, so big changes can take decades

    Any fight is legitimate also indicates that we individualize the world, that we impose our own neurosis on the world and that we demand that everyone bow down to this neurosis. This phrase is the pure son or daddy bitch individualism in me, me and me. It also means that the fights are constantly divided by infinity which results in nothingness.

    This is the phrase most used by the far left, because it allows it to divide fight national cause, create smaller and smaller communities and then suck it all up by their parasitic nature. All fight is legitimate is the slogan of those who hate their homeland more than anything, it is the weapon used to destroy all movements and the best example is the yellow vests. When someone tells you that any fight is legitimate, so is the slap they are going to take in their face.

    Houssen Moshinaly

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