2022, the year of nuclear war?

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  • A leper wind, carrying the Democrat particles, sails towards Iran, Ukraine and Taiwan. Could 2022 be the year of nuclear war?

    The Democratic Party aka the Bloodthirsty Party has been in power for a year and everyone predicted that one or more countries were going to get knocked out. Today we have three candidates for the genocide podium in the name of democracy and human rights. Iran, Taiwan and Ukraine. Of the three, two candidates can start a nuclear war, deliciously dreamed of in the poisonous heads of many American soldiers. Will we be able to see some pretty atomic mushrooms in 2022. Not likely, but with Americans going crazier with each passing day, anything can happen.

    But before admiring the mushrooms, let’s take a look at how many people were killed by Americans after WWII:

    • Vietnam: 1.3 million deaths
    • Pinochet: 3,200 deaths
    • First gulf war: 235,000 deaths
    • Yugoslavia: 280,000 deaths
    • Iraq War: 500,000 deaths
    • Afghanistan: 241,000 deaths
    • Total: 2.5 million deaths

    And again, these are official figures, drastically revised downwards. Because in Iraq alone, independent counts give 1 million civilian deaths. So at least 2.5 million dead, but we’re closer to 5 million dead, it’s still the equivalent of a small world war.

    And I do not even include the many other deaths from the Coups d’etat in Latin America organized by the Americans in addition to Chile, the multiple massacres in Africa and the proxy wars in Yemen or the Balkans.


    Iran is our first candidate for democratic annihilation, but it would be astonishing for America to go to open war. He wants to gradually leave the Middle East and given the masterful spanking he received in Afghanistan, he knows he can conquer a country in a matter of weeks, but he will never be able to hold it.

    If America doesn’t intervene, then Israel will. America is the Jewish state’s biggest arms supplier today, and the Jewish state has wanted to knock Iran out for years. Iran’s economic situation is dire, but its people will never accept a foreign invasion. China sees it as a gas station and Iran needs the money, but a lot of it.

    An Iran explosion would set the Middle East on fire with a systematic spread of terrorist groups. The Americas prefer to negotiate with terrorists rather than with states that do not organize gay pride every week! But an explosion in Iran is going to be on the shoes of the Europeans with the influx of millions of migrants on Italian coasts. We have seen the same thing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and it will be the case for Iran, whose population is 83 million.

    Iran’s defeat will not be instantaneous, however, as it has become the specialist in proxy wars. Whether it is Lebanon, Yemen or Syria, Iran has succeeded in establishing itself in many regions. And a defeat in Tehran means that all of these regions will also be shattered.


    Taiwan has been part of China for centuries, so reunification is only a matter of time. And on this island, the American and Chinese positions are irreparably opposed. For China, reunification with Taiwan is non-negotiable and for the US, Taiwan’s return to Chinese fold is non-negotiable.

    For some American analysts, reunification would force America to go to war for two reasons. The first is that if America does not come to Taiwan’s aid, all of its allies in Asia will know America is untrustworthy and will either join China or take a neutral stance.

    The second reason is that control of Taiwan will give more freedom to the Chinese navy, which currently faces a maritime front that it does not control. Taiwan’s return means America will definitely lose its influence in Asia. This confrontation can result in a nuclear war and even if the American shield is effective, it only takes one nuclear warhead to pass for millions of deaths.

    Moreover, the sociological dimension of the war is against America. Young Americans are increasingly disgusted by the government and less than 5% go to the flag in the event of a great war. We also have to add the wokist dimension that has totally deranged Americans and blue hair will never go on a battlefield, because their pathology of Me, Me and Me means that they are unable to pay the blood tax.

    On the other hand, 25% of Chinese are ready to go under the flags. That makes them at least 300 million people, so a classic war is unmanageable for the Americans and nuclear weapons must be resorted to. Moreover, young Chinese born in the 2000s are more nationalistic than their parents and grandparents since they only know a rich and powerful China.

    America is more divided than ever and China is uniting with each passing day. But for China, the military option is the last in its quiver. It can reclaim Taiwan through an economic and trade war. 40% of Taiwanese are for reunification and 20% of the population has family in China. There are hundreds of Chinese companies in Taiwan and under these conditions reunification is but a formality without the villainous and predatory mentality of Americans.

    There is also the issue of technological dominance, as TSMC is based in Taiwan. It manufactures all the semiconductors from Intel, AMD, Nvidia which makes a crucial, but fragile link for the technology on a global level. The owners of TSMC are primarily US investment funds, but that will play into the battle. China doesn’t really need TSMC, as it already manufactures semiconductors, although they are still late.

    The problem in this possible war is the strategy of ambiguity, which is the specialty of the Americans. They shout that they are going to war, but they hold back at the last moment. And they do it systematically to push the adversary to the limit, either to negotiate or to actually go to war. The problem with the ambiguity is that both sides have to play it.

    By provoking the Chinese, the Americans risk provoking a real war when they do not have the physical means to wage it in the region, because they are dependent on their Asian allies. An anecdotal example was Audrey Tang’s speech during the Summit for Democracy, a crappy thing the Yankees put on to say who is democratic or not. Among the participants in this summit, we had in particular the Maldives … Certainly the cutting of hands, stoning, the death penalty even for children and the Wahhabi application of Sharia are fabulous proofs of democracy!

    So Audrey Tang who is close to the DPP, the ruling party in Taiwan, had problems during her presentation. In fact, the Americans cut its video stream, but kept the audio stream. Obviously, they used the excuse of a “technical problem”, but that was the only intervention cut during the whole summit. And that’s normal, because our dear Audrey had a map showing China and Taiwan with different colors, which is contrary to Washington’s one-China policy.

    And for the Chinese, it could have been the red line, triggering an invasion. Because yes, America considers that there is only one China, but that Taiwan has the right to do secession. This is where we see America has only one ally and this is America, everyone else is stooges. Okay for secession, but NO for Taiwan’s independence since we would have another actor besides China who could overshadow America, because let’s not forget, the majority of the Taiwanese population is for peaceful reunification.


    The name Ukraine means border, line or demarcation, but basically this name means “suburb”. Ukraine has always been Malo-Russe, which means Little-Russian. But America is using Ukraine as a forward base to threaten Russia directly and is arguing for Kiev’s entry into NATO. Russia will never accept it.

    For months the Western media have told us that Russia wants to invade Ukraine. US officials believe the best approach is pre-emptive nuclear strikes against Russia. Under these conditions, to dare to say that Russia is the bad guy in history is really nonsense.

    It is estimated that Russia will wait until winter to invade Ukraine, as the roads would be impassable today for Russian tanks. But Russia doesn’t need to declare war on Ukraine, because the country is on the verge of bankruptcy. With Nord Stream 2, all Russian gas goes directly from Russia to Germany, the latter wanting to be the main distributor in Europe, suffocating at the same time all European states that are against the will of eternal Germany. Hence the refusal of the entry of nuclear power among European green energies by the Germany in order to destroy France.

    In the past, gas passed through Ukraine, earning it $ 1.2 billion a year. With Nord Stream 2, it has become zero, which makes it difficult to finance a state that is fundamentally puppet and that only lives on Russian money and the demonization of Russia at the same time.

    Russia simply has to wait until Ukraine completely collapses to reclaim the territory. However, Russia has indicated that the red line not to be crossed would be genocide in the Donbasse (in french). If Ukraine uses the “Croatian solution” against the people of Donbasse, then it is normal that the Russian army comes to clean up. This only concerns the Russians and the Ukrainians and we should all remain Westphalians in this story.

    But these European assholes continue to titillate the Russians and NATO to provoke a military escalation. If there is only one Alliance country going to war, then the others will have to follow, although the contribution to the war depends on each country. But clearly, France, by its Euro-American servility, could find itself in an indirect war with Russia. The risk of a nuclear conflagration remains low with Russia unless the Americans get into this mess.

    But the Russian military is impressive and on strikes it has technological superiority with its hypersonic weapons. America, advised by bloodthirsty people of the worst kind, may consider nuclear strikes to counter this superiority. But once again, do the Americans have the balls to go and above all, are they too stupid to understand that in history, any country that has faced two fronts at the same time, has been destroyed.

    Nuclear war is no longer a fantasy in the minds of a few mad soldiers, it is a real shadow that hangs over 2022 and beyond. It is clear that a country will be knocked out by America, because it is in the tradition of the Bloodthirsty Party. It’s hard to say who will be the lucky winner. But clearly, the whole world will pay for the American predation, and the American people are fully responsible for putting such freaks into power.

    What is even more terrible is that the majority of the population does not give a damn about these questions. He is in her daily life, terrified by a small flu, so as not to see a possible destruction of the world before our eyes.

    Houssen Moshinaly

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