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I migrated from Scaleway to Hetzner, 9 migrated sites with a truly miraculous and magical ManageWP. 0

From Scaleway to Hetzner (with a magical ManageWP)

I already writed about of Scaleway’s stupidity of raising its prices and removing existing instances to force people to switch to more expensive, lower performing offerings or leave. I preferred to leave because it...

Scaleway has no interest as a cheap cloud anymore. Instances running like a breeze are going to be deleted and it will force users to pay twice as much. Like what, a lot of crooks in this new world. 2

Scaleway, twice as expensive, half as efficient

On December 1, 2020, Scaleway will delete its C2S instances and those running on ARM. The pretext is a marketing gossip that it is more efficient. In fact, Scaleway simply wants to force its...