Unsplash bought by Getty, a big shit

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  • Getty’s takeover of Unsplash heralds the demise of one of the world’s leading platforms for royalty-free images.

    Getty’s takeover of Unsplash heralds the demise of one of the world's leading platforms for royalty-free images.

    On the web, there are only two main sites that allow you to have excellent quality images that are completely copyright free. The first is Pixabay and the second is Unsplash. Pixabay has strict requirements for photos to be accepted while Unsplash is much more relax.

    And we just learned that Getty has just bought Unsplash for an unknown amount. That must have been a big check, as Unsplash has agreed to throw away, all principle royalty-free images. Getty, if you will, is some kind of abomination, shit of the worst kind that privatizes all the images in our society and sells them for exorbitant prices.

    This is crap of the worst kind and every time this Getty monstrosity bought a platform, it got destroyed. Admittedly, Unsplash gives us its usual gibberish “that we are going to stay independent and blah blah”. But staying independent with Getty is like saying you fuck a whore with syphilis and you’re not going to get anything in return. It’s impossible medicine and it’s the same with Getty.

    Getty will privatize all of Unsplash’s images, images that users have posted for years, and resell them at a high price. We remember this case of this American photographer, who had put her entire collection of images in the public domain, Getty took it. And they’re so stupid at Getty’s that they asked the author for money because she was using her own images.

    It’s time to find another site, because Unsplash is no longer trustworthy.

    Houssen Moshinaly

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