Chrome 104 and above: Crashes and Memory Bugs

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  • Memory bugs and crashes are so common on Chrome versions 104 and above that you’ll have to downgrade even if Google doesn’t make it easy for us.

    Generally, the Chrome update is not a problem. Everything is automatic. But I always prefer to update manually. While a site I visit regularly was not working properly, I decided to update from Chrome to 100 to 106. A real nightmare! Systemic crash and sudden shutdown. Unable to use it. So, I tell myself that it does not matter and I will downgrade versions. But it’s terrible and mind-blowing that Chrome doesn’t offer old versions except for the oldest one.

    But luckily there are sites where you can download older versions and Slimjet looks pretty good. But the installation does not go without a hitch. Because if you have a recent version of Chrome, the installer will not work. It will tell you to fully uninstall your current Chrome before installing the older version (Don’t forget to backup your browser settings and those for your plugins in case of). I first upgraded to Chrome 104 and even though the systematic crashes were gone, I had huge memory bugs. We know that Chrome eats a lot of memory, but there, the system was unusable.

    Eventually I upgraded to Chrome 103 which seems to fix the majority of the issues. But to say that Google does not offer old versions, that the installation and uninstallation process is really crap. It looks like a kind of scam to impose on you a software that we would see in the 2000s!

    So, if you have problems with recent versions of Chrome, especially from 104:

    • Download Chrome Build 103
    • Save your plugin settings (I’m using an RSS reader extension and uninstalling deleted all my feeds, I’m not telling you my blissful joy…)
    • Completely uninstall Chrome
    • Reinstall with the old version

    Yes, I will be told to upgrade to Brave or Firefox, I have them and they have clearly passed me by. But I’m too used to Chrome.

    Houssen Moshinaly

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