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The concept of the NFT marketplace is experiencing tremendous growth, as NFT attracts both large investors and consumers hungry for cryptocurrency. 0

NFT marketplace, our practical guide

An NFT marketplace allows you to buy, sell, trade, and mint NFTs. Find out why the NFT markets have such a great future, from a development, consumer and investment perspective. What is an NFT?...

Adsense, from policy to restrictions 0

Adsense, from policy to restrictions

Adsense has made a minor, but significant change to the way it sets the policy and the restriction. To use Adsense is to go through Ayatollahs where anything is prohibited. In previous years, these...

The amount of RAM you need depends on your needs, but usually 4 GB of RAM is enough for office use, navigation. 8 GB of RAM is enough for some games. 0

How amount of RAM do you really need?

Is the amount of RAM an impossible question to solve? The necessary amount of RAM for our daily needs is an issue that has become almost mystical in the manner of the Holy Grail....